Sunday, June 17, 2007

i'm hot.

well, it's cooled down in the house from 87 to 86 at 11:30pm. the house is normally cool in the mornings, and traps heat in the late afternoon. we put our little window air conditioner in the bedroom, and i was loathe to leave that comfort. indiana summers and portland summers (you can't really lump all of oregon together, climate-wise) are two completely different seasons. in portland, you get a few muggy days thrown in, wherein everyone walks around with wrinkled-up noses: man! it's MUGgy today! here, you get about three months straight of heat and humidity that would send the average portlander straight to the air-conditioned movie theater. likely an air-conditioned movie theater that serves beer.

excuse me while i feel homesick for a moment.

...okay, thanks.

gee, what can a girl do to beat the heat?

chocolate-covered cherry ice cream? don't mind if i do!

i skipped the cream with this one, and made a custard with 2% milk. there's enough of a difference that you can tell the texture is more coarse, even in this picture here. full-cream is definitely a lovely and decadent thing, but you can't eat that stuff all summer long. especially if you feel the need to break out the ice cream maker twice a week or so.

for dinner, i made fake fried chicken from scratch (vital wheat gluten, mixed with water, kneaded, and simmered in broth, breaded, pan-fried, voila!) from la dolce vegan. served it with a spicy portobello gravy and couscous. baking powder biscuits would have been perfect.

maybe we'll have a break in the weather so i can bake. come on, thunderstorms! do your stuff!

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