Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hooray for tuesday market!

last night, i started out feeling kind of badly about our evening meal. i got home at 6 after a rousing 10-hour day of work (3 hours of which i spent walking around rapidly, in heels), and it seemed like we had "nothing to eat." after a quick perusal of the cupboard and fridge, i made quesadillas and big salads. about halfway through the salad i wished were a little smaller, it dawned on me that if salad and quesadillas were our lazy route, that we weren't doing too badly overall. you can't beat yourself up over little things like this, people. kelley says: enjoy your cheese.
today, a boon to the crisper drawer with the tuesday market:

no turnip greens because these are the last turnips of the season, and according to the farmer, turnips greens and hot sun don't mix too well. these crayola-yellow zucchini seem new to me - they're the color of a patty pan, maybe. the flavor is a little different than green, though it's hard to say how. maybe a little more refined?

and i got a big bag of peaches. oh, peaches. so far this season, i'm running on ignorance when it comes to fruits. this big freeze we had late in the season killed a lot of stone fruit and berries, so a lot of what's left may be sprayed or trucked in for all i know. because i haven't asked. i just scoop them up and eat them with homemade yogurt, and it doesn't get much better than that. what to do with this big bag? that remains to be seen. peach sorbet? some sort of baked peach dessert? if all else fails, i'll just freeze them. or eat them all. a girl can't be blamed.

but sooner or later, questions will need to be asked.


Meghan said...

Use them in smoothies with your home made yogurt. Yum!

kelley said...

good idea! unfortunately, the batch of yogurt i made last night was kind of a dud. maybe smoothies are just the thing for that, though, now that i think about it.