Wednesday, May 23, 2007

yogurt update

there's another pot of hot milk on the stove, because i am Bound and Determined to get a batch of frozen yogurt going before the weekend. i ate about a cup of my first batch this morning with blueberries and a waffle. good, but could be better. to be honest, i'm not crazy about the texture of the yogurt. it's okay, but a little runny and, surprisingly, stringy. kind of like a very thin yeast dough. i strained a little through a coffee strainer, and that texture seems nicer. i have yet to try it. tomorrow morning, maybe. googling "yogurt agar" gets you some soy yogurt recipes, but i wonder how adding agar agar could effect the procress. i guess you need cheesecloth to make serious yogurt cheese, so it's off to the cheesecloth store tomorrow. (let's see: if i strain it tomorrow night, we can have frozen yogurt friday night...) hooray! brother john, who, along with wife michelle, gifted us the dead microwave, reminded me in comment form that maybe a toaster oven might be the way to go. it uses a lot less energy than the conventional, and could probably go in the same spot that the microwave is in now. i can see my pitch to brian involving a near-constant supply of fresh cookies. mmm, cookies. now, excuse me. i have to stick my finger in some milk.

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