Tuesday, May 22, 2007

plastic be gone!

well, i just tried my first bite of homemade yogurt, and i'm still alive. i used this recipe, and it turned out, even with no amount of milk given. i'm thinking that maybe tonight i'll strain most of it and make yogurt cheese, which is supposed to be nice for your bagels and such. if you've ever had it, i'll be glad to read about your experiences. i'm also chomping at next week's budget bit to buy another half gallon of milk so we can try this recipe for frozen yogurt. oooh, yeah. i've had an ice cream attachment for my kitchenaid mixer in the freezer, standing at the ready, for months. it's frozen treat time! the yogurt experiment is great, because if it works out, i'm free of the guilt of plastic cuplets. plastic cuplets be gone! the grill pan has been getting a lot of use lately, as our microwave died, conveniently enough, just after the oven went out. think i've convinced my dear, sweet husband that before jumping the gun on buying a new microwave, maybe we ought to just wait it out to see how much we miss it. he called me today from home to inquire as to the best way to re-heat his beans and rice lunch...if that went well, maybe that's a point toward going without. the landlord will be on my "unhappy" list until the oven gets fixed. lucky for them, it's been too hot to bake the last few days anyway. but, yes, there is another recipe i want to try: the famous and much-blogged baked seitan. tasty meat substitute from scratch? count me in! garden news: tonight, the first harvest! baby red lettuce. thinned out a row, and got enough to round out salads for lunches tomorrow. the little guys are taking a little swim in the salad spinner right now. hey, i did it! food from seed to kitchen, for my first time! if i hadn't gotten so eaten up by bugs walking there and back, i'd be even more excited, but the itching is very distracting!

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John said...

I'm sorry the microwave went out, at least the price of it was good :-)

We've been using our large toaster oven a lot lately. It uses a lot less energy than the big oven, and it can do most of the same things (the smaller size of pryex dish - 11x7 I think- fits). We can also do cookies, etc in it.