Tuesday, December 2, 2008

portlanders: more chances to eat and cook local!

while most farmer's markets are closed for the season, in portland, we're lucky enough to have temperate climate good for growing diverse crops. those wagon trains didn't trek across the oregon trail for nothing.

the portland farmer's market at portland state university is running through december. there aren't nearly as many vendors as at the peak of summer, but the crowds are more sparse, too. a few weeks ago i picked up a box of cookies from two tarts at the market. never a bad choice. they have a storefront now, due to their success at the market, so check them out. one tiny, but beautifully made and carefully crafted cookie will satisfy better than a huge chocolate chip monstronsity. take it from someone who rarely says no to the monstronsity. i reccomend the pecan tessie - like a tiny pecan pie, but without the corn syrup.

when the portland market closes in december, no need to worry. there's a market in hillsdale running every two weeks through april. i haven't been to this one yet, and it's not as centrally located, but i look forward to something local and delicious in january.

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