Saturday, December 13, 2008

organica deluxe cookies

so, my blog sponsor, foodbuzz? they asked me if they should send me free cookies in exchange for a review. "uh, okay," i said. never having said no to a free cookie before, i wasn't about to start now. so, they sent me two ginger cookies from organica deluxe to try out.

in this big shoebox-looking thing. filled with peanut packing. now, apparently, this packing situation means that your cookies arrive intact, but it just seems like overkill. does the technology not exist to ship cookies without breakage in a small envelope? no? anyone? any cookie packaging engineers out there?

also, when packing peanuts are involved, that means i have to make an extra trip to a shipping store to have them re-used. even if they're cornstarch and bio degradable. that's my time that could be better used elsewhere.

oh, well.


the cookies were good! to be honest, i'm never going to reach for a ginger cookie first. the ginger flavor wasn't too strong, which was a plus for me, but maybe not for ginger lovers. they're soft cookies, with a wonderful melt-in-your mouth consistency. i have the feeling that there isn't much flour in them, or that maybe they use cake flour. the flavor balance was spot on for my tastes - a little molasses, a little ginger, a little vanilla, and great quality organic ingredients.

so, in short, a great cookie, but the packaging? nice effort, but needs work.


abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

wow. how embarrassing! a company that sells itself as organic, natural, sustainable and fair trade, went so overboard on packaging... big oops :)

kelley said...

it's "environmentally friendly," but there's just too much of it!