Monday, November 24, 2008

lemon sticks?

when these candied citrus peels are made out of oranges, you call them orange sticks or orangettes. what about lemon? lemon sticks?
i intended to make orangettes last weekend, but the organic oranges at our local store looked terrible. yellow, sickly, go. please, if you're going to go candy some citrus, make it organic. poisons aren't going to get blanched out. or, maybe they would, but would you take that chance? anyways, i got a few lemons instead for my little experiment. i got the basic recipe from the smitten kitchen, but blanched the peels three times. by the second time, the blanching water started turning yellow.
yum! there was still a little bitterness to the lemon, but just enough to keep it sophisticated. bitter enough that you wanted to eat one, but not 5 at one sitting. they also mellowed quite a bit in the next few days.
does anyone have any super-cool dipping tricks? i just used my fingers, not having given it any thought whatsoever, and being in a hurry. i'm definitely going to do this again, probably with meyer lemons and oranges, so any tips would be much appreciated.

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