Tuesday, November 11, 2008

davd lebovitz to the rescue!

if you're looking for an interesting idea for a fruit dessert, you might as well go to the source. we have a quince in the kitchen that's a few days away from being ripe, and i wasn't quite sure how to dispose of the thing.

note: do not eat quince raw. i've never tried one, but my googling makes that quite clear.

mine hasn't filled our kitchen with a delightful scent just yet, but i've learned that it's about to do so. right now, it just kind of smells like a pear if you sniff hard enough.

brian: "it has a smell."

yep. it does.

i think that i'm going to do is class up my normal apple crisp by grating in some raw quince with the apple slices.

anyone have experience with quince that they'd like to share?

i kind of just like the name of it. quince. or that they eat it in old novels.

i'm a nerd that way.

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