Monday, October 13, 2008

review: soy curls rule!

so it took me a while, but i finally made it down to food fight to pick up soy curls. (among other things, like vegan vitamins.) and, guess what? i love them.

sorry for the bad picture - i wasn't expecting to blog this, but it was really tasty.

good things about soy curls:

  • since they're dry, they're easy to keep on hand.
  • you can cook a lot or just a little at a time without worrying about the leftovers (i'm looking at you, half-blocks of tofu).
  • they're fast - 10 minutes to rehydrate
  • easy to flavor and use. just saute with a little sauce, and voila.
  • they're local (to me), made in grand ronde, or.
  • available in bulk. at least at food fight.

neat. their texture is kind of like fajita meat - chewy strips. i liked them a lot with the teriyaki sauce, especially. mmm. the teriyaki soy curl/roasted cauliflower meal was borne of desperation, but turned out really great.

it's my new food crush. you come here to me, soy curls.


Megan said...

um, i want! it looks so good!

Angie said...

Ohhh... these sound good! Thanks for sharing :)

Love your blog - you are funny!

kelley said...

they ARE good. megan, you come over and have some.

thanks, angie!