Thursday, July 10, 2008

berry breakfast

sometimes, it seems like the only time i get to cook is the weekends. and your know we love us some brunch.

peachy waffles

raspberry & cream cheese-filled french toast

lesson learned: challah, by its twisty nature, is prone to coming apart during the filling process. though if you're like me, and are undaunted by messiness and imperfection, don't be deterred. it was really. really. good. our local grower's guild is sponsoring an eat local month, from july 15 - august 15. by august 15, i'll be eating locally on the other side of the country, but we'll do our best in the meantime.

on that note, does anyone know where to find u-pick blueberries in south-central indiana?

1 comment:

Dagny said...

Can you come cook at my house? My breakfast is a piece of toast or if I get really experimental, a bowl of cereal :)

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