Monday, April 14, 2008

we (heart) brunch.

sunday morning brunch is the best, isn't it? you can take your time, eat something a little decadent if you like, and no one has to wake up early. that last part is my favorite. heaven knows i'll sleep in whenever given the chance.

baguette french toast with raspberry-mango sauce

i especially love brunch now that i have 4-hour practices to carbo-load for on sundays. if you can't eat much past 1:00 or so, might as well get seconds of french toast or pancakes, right? personally, i'm partial to french toast. it's easy to make with whatever bread is on hand, it's rich, but not TOO rich*, and easy to make variations. baked french toast prepared the night before is one of our favorites. what's your favorite sunday brunch food? *paula deen was making french toast with croissants and heavy cream the other day. that, my friends, is too rich.


Megan said...

that's because paula dean thinks the answer to everything is butter. and cream. and more butter.

kelley said...

i know. no one can eat like that. like that fried egg-bacon burger she made with TWO GLAZED DOUGHNUTS for the bun. i hope to heavens it's just for show.

nipsum said...

How do you do.
I hope to see blog.
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Anonymous said...

if people wanna eat like that, let'em eat like that. don't judge them. they aren't judging you.

kelley said...

i judge that to be unhealthy, and not very tasty. not that it changes the worth of the person.