Monday, February 11, 2008

sunnier climes

yes, it's 22 degrees outside, and it's supposed to snow, but i still have clementines.
yes, it was a successful trip to san diego. oooh, these little clementines are sweet like candy. and too few left.
i had to go through my pint of strawberries quickly, but it wasn't much of a chore.
i was extremely wary of these, but one sniff took me over the edge. they were a little harder than your perfect june strawberry, but still worth every bite.
now i have avocadoes that are close to ripening, and a few meyer lemons. anyone have any bright ideas about meyer lemons? i don't think i've ever had one before.
thanks, coronado farmer's market! afterward, i had just enough time to walk to the other side of the island.
not a bad business trip.


M.KATE said...

didnt know it was clementimes, its called mandaring oranges here and we have a lot of them during this particular season, though not possible to plant in here in the hot weather, nice blog and happy valentines too:)

kelley said...


Angelina said...

I'm a little late to the question of Meyer lemons and surely yours are all gone now, but I just got a box of them sent to me by a friend and I am making limoncello with the rinds and I'm juicing the fruit and freezing it in cubes.

I'm on an eat local for a year challenge and citrus doesn't grow locally so I'm not wasting a drop!