Monday, January 7, 2008

what's cooking?

we're not doing so well over here on the local food front - it's january, after all, and we're between farmer's markets until the last weekend of the month. at that point, i'll be lining up for kale. delicious kale! until that point, my stores of local provisions have dwindled to:
  1. several heads of garlic
  2. 2 blue potatoes
  3. bay leaves, oregano, and basil

...and between my ambivalence toward root vegetables and everyone moping around grumbling about diets, i haven't felt completely inspired lately. it's 60 degrees outside, too (!), so comfort food seems a little much. luckily for us here in bloomington, we have another Dine Local Night coming up, january 16th.*

what have YOU been making lately that you love?

my dear husband bought me the veganomicon for christmas, and though many of the recipes call for ingredients we don't normally have around the house, i'll have some fun stuff to try out this week. when we're not eating fake chicken patties and tater tots.

oh, come on. they're organic tater tots! and they were on sale! don't look at me like that. no one here ever claimed to be a saint.


head to one of the below restaurants on thursday, january 17th, and ask for the local special. 5% of proceeds will go to the Local Growers Guild.


Bloomington Bagel Company

FARM Bloomington (oooh, we're so going there for the opening/my birthday)

Laughing Planet

Limestone Grille

New Day Meadery (a little googling tells me they'll be at the winter market at harmony school, too.)

Nick's English Hut (still holding out for my mellencamp sighting!)

Oliver Winery

One World Enterprises (i.e., lennie's. pizza express? that would be awesome.)

Restaurant Tallent

Sahara Mart

Trulli Flatbread

Upland Brewing

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