Thursday, January 31, 2008

quick links

notmartha points us to homemade samoas. yes, please! the new york times has a great short article on the issues surrounding meat production and consumption in america. the long and short of it - eat less, and if you do, eat pastured, please. just got an e-mail saying that a bill in indiana was just withdrawn that would have made it illegal to label milk as hormone-free. just in case you forgot - the people making the most money from food aren't interested your well-being. that's why we give a little of our money to local folks. give them a little more power. speaking of which! bloomingtonians, don't forget about the winter market on saturday. and go early! harvest lodge (the tamale people) are supposed to have soup, but you know it's going to go fast.


Lisa B-K said...

So glad I happened upon your blog!

I'm in Urbana, IL and am trying to get more things happening here regarding local food. Good things are already underway, but it's time to get the sleeves up and get some work done.

Have you written about yr farmers market?

kelley said...

yes, sure! i write about our farmer's market all the time, but not in an especially studied way. more like, "wow, look! baby corn in the husk!"

you might want to check out our local grower's guild, who puts on our winter market:

during the growing season, the city puts on the farmer's market:

good luck!