Friday, October 26, 2007

this can be complicated.

let's say that i want to contribute to a food drive. it is the season, after all. i have a budget of $10 for food goods to donate. what's more helpful for my community and humanity: to buy a few quality, organic goods, or to buy a lot of conventional foods? feed more people or think about the greater good, i.e., land stewartship? 10 cans of organic beans (if they're on sale) or 30 cans of campbell's soup? 3 jars of local apple butter? does that even figure in the equation? help! in other news, i just made an enchilada casserole and served it with sauteed mushrooms. brian is washing the dishes. my life is pretty good. thanks, life.


Jennifer said...

This is the first time I've read your blog so forgive me if you've answered this elsewhere, but in re your "help!":

I think it depends on your motive for using organics. If it's because it's better for the environment to grow food organically, then I think you have to donate organics as well. If, however, the switch to organics was primarily health-related, then I say it's healthier for hungry people to eat SOMETHING than NOTHING, and that trumps eating organically, so you can safely donate "regular" food. (Although it's irritating that "regular" is a word we have to use to denote "lower quality" food... sigh!)

nice blog!

kelley said...

hi jennifer! thanks for commenting. i try to eat organic for both my health and the health of the world. i think the most moral thing to do is to buy something organic that's on sale, and spend a little more than what's comfortable. we are talking about working on a budget here, though, so what's left at the end of the week doesn't stretch THAT far. maybe i'll take care to spend next week's food budget very carefully so there's a little more leftover than usual.

that seems like a happy medium, doesn't it?

Jennifer said...

A very happy medium indeed.

If you want a GREAT recipe (can be kind of spicy if you want) for a veggie lasagna, try this:

We add peas and matchstick carrots too. Make sure you use a good salsa (have you seen rick bayless' book on the subject?) because the salsa MAKES the dish. Oh -- you can add some chipotle too, if you want. We love it.