Tuesday, October 9, 2007

home to the land of sweet vegetarian home cooking

it's good to be home. it's my choice to be vegetarian, and i know i shouldn't expect too much out of conference food, but yeesh. a buffet is like a minefield. you get a meal with green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, salad, fried chicken, pasta salad and pie, and you really have to rule out green beans (possible ham), mashed potatoes (possible chicken stock), the protein of course, and usually pie (possible lard). today our lunch was caesar salad with chicken and shrimp. my vegetarian selection was - wait for it - romaine lettuce and croutons. and a roll. and i opted out of dessert, which was a cheap cheesecake square. gelatin city. sorry - i just felt like complaining, and it's really not very professional to kvetch to your colleagues from minnesota. or whoever you happen to be having lunch with. now it's time to hang out with my poor, sick, neglected husband.

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