Monday, October 15, 2007

cooking re-commences!

so it seems i didn't really cook for almost two weeks. yikes! well, i made up for it this weekend. aside from freezing local corn and pesto from the last of my garden basil (inspired to "put things up" by plenty), meals were actually produced.

tofu cubes ala deborah madison

gorgeous late-season tomatoes. salad greens were back in profusion in the market this weekend (yay!) so we got a last gasp at salad with cherry tomatos. it hit the spot.

potato-pepper soup, in chunked form. i left the skins on the potatoes and peeled the peppers. it turned out pret-ty smooth aside from the few chunks i left on purpose. potato-pepper soup after a puree, plus pesto and a grilled cheese sandwich. mmm. bread from blue dog bakery in louisville. HIGHLY recommended, especially to my bloomington readers who need a good artisian bread fix.

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