Friday, October 19, 2007

apples, pumpkins, and (maybe) chestnuts

the leaves are finally starting to turn. in south central indiana, i think that means it's time for a short road trip this weekend, and i have just the place to go all picked out. get it? picked out? ha ha? i wasn't able to get to a u-pick this summer, but you can bet i'm ready to get at those apples. does anyone have much experience keeping apples over winter? will a box in my house be cold enough for them? we keep it almost as cold as a root cellar - between 60 and 65 degrees. speaking of which - our blog compatriot crunchy chicken is challenging people to keep their thermostats low this winter. want to take part? we will, but not really by choice: we can't afford to turn it up high, and we can't afford to let the pipes freeze. let's hope there are chestnuts ready at the orchard. i had a chestnut polenta at tallent that whet my appetite.

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