Monday, October 22, 2007

anderson orchard

somehow, i convinced my loving and dear husband to drive to mooresville with me to go to anderson orchard on a sunday morning. little did he know that he was about to be coerced into manual labor. little did i know that he takes to the thrill of the u-pick hunt!
thanks to liz for tipping me off that raspberries are still around. they will be next weekend too, i'm sure. it's not supposed to freeze this week. so we got our apples (half a peck of cameos: delicious! half a peck of black twig: haven't tried), chestnuts, pumpkins for jack o' lanterns, raspberries for CHEAP, and a little bag of candy corn for brian. and a bottle of wine. but that was on the way home.

how to freeze raspberries:

do so as soon as possible. pick out the your best and brightest specimens. mushy is no good. neither is under-ripe. gently set your winners in a single layer on a cookie sheet or something with a lip. reactive metal might not be your best bet. place berries in freezer overnight. the internets tell me of something called a "quick freeze shelf." if you have that, use it! if you live in a student rental, plain freeze is fine. place frozen berries in a freezer bag or some such. to use: hey, you didn't wash those berries yet! just wash them now. for dessert last night, during a break in the pumpkin carving, we had the pumpkin bread pudding from smitten kitchen. so so easy and so good.

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