Saturday, September 8, 2007

reducing fuel dependency - yay, new bike!

ain't she a beaut? okay, admittedly, this bike needs a little work. i bought it today at indiana university's bike auction: my first live auction experience. man, those guys sure knew how to get it done. i was a little in the dark about the whole operation once i actually jumped into the action (am i winning? how much did i bid?) until the hand of destiny pointed at me and said, "SOLD! for 25 dollars to number 240." destiny, i suppose, handed me this mountain bike after my friend mari told me it looked good. thanks, mari, for helping a bike newbie like me. the front brake is disconnected, which is not a huge deal, and the rear tire needs air. it might need to be repaired. not sure. brian's supposed to help me figure out my new pump when he gets home. for the record, i did figure out how to pump up our basketball. score! we're shooting hoops tomorrow! i'll have to read up on rust removal. get some lights and a lock. for now, a helmet and a pump were my priorities, and i've got those covered. maybe i'll take a class at the bike project to get things figured out. i'm a bike rider now! it feels good! p.s. that's our "stompin' shoe" in the background there in front of the recycling. basement crickets. enough said.


Mari said...

Man, I hope it's okay and I didn't lead you astray! I was just looking at all those crap bikes and this one looked like it could take a beating.

There are lots of rust removers at hardware stores, that plus steel wool should do just fine.

I have a bike pump, we can pump up your tire. But you might need a new tube. Brand new bikes sometimes need a new tube so it's not a big deal.

Options for fixing the break are:
1) take it to the Bicycle Garage and pay them to fix it.
2) Go to the Bloomington Bike Project (around the corner from your work). They'll teach you how to fix your bike. And they have "Ladies Nite" on Sundays.
3) Get this book called "The Klutz book of Bike Repair". I wish I hadn't lost my copy.

I take my bike in to the bike garage 2x a year and pay them for a tuneup because I ride so goddamn much and too fast/unsafely. Plus I don't have a car so putting about $100 into my bike each year seems reasonable considering that it's my only non-mooch form of transportation.

kelley said...

yeah, i'm reading up on bike maintenance right now. i'm going too take some steel wool to it at some point, and take it to the bike project tomorrow night to see if i can get in shape myself. i rode it to work yesterday, so it's here and ready to go!