Wednesday, September 5, 2007

italian wheat bread

update: this recipe is fine, but not nearly as good when you make it within the confines of the breadmaker. yes, i tried it last night. the crust, which was chewy with flaky air pockets from the oven, was merely a crumb hazard from the breadmaker. still a good flavor overall, but i recommend the shaping and baking in the oven. next week, baking should be back on for good. temperatures will be in the mid-70s. mid-70s! bring it on! oh, and i was also told this weekend that a certain local bakery *cough* makes dough once a month and freezes it. this is just hearsay, but it would explain a lot. i also had a very bad loaf of bread from a national chain *cough* *panera* recently, and they haven't responded to my polite angry e-mails. so, while we have some decent local sandwich loaves, looks like we're on our own for dinner loaves. and i should have known better than to go to panera. (it was late! i was hungry! i love bread! the other place that shall remain unnamed is not that good! etc.)

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