Tuesday, August 28, 2007

so many things to do with cherry tomatoes

here's something you can do with a pint of cherry tomatoes: halve. throw in a hot pan with oil and garlic. toss around. add pasta and blue cheese. spend 10 minutes scarfing it down in complete bliss. what else do you do? i'm really asking here. some ideas: caprese cherry tomato sauce from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (see below) pop 'em in your mouth pawn them off on friends, loved ones, and co-workers tlt salad (tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato) throw in a pan with sauteed zucchini and eggplant heat and top some garlic-rubbed toast


christine (myplateoryours) said...

Cut them in half, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and leave them at room temp to give up their juice for an hour or so. Add a clove of garlic, pressed, and some chopped basil. A perfect no cook tomato sauce for pasta (or just eat it all up with a spoon.)

chile said...

Roast them! I wrote about this recently. Just toss them with some chopped garlic or shallot, salt & pepper, herbs (like basil), and olive oil. Roast at high heat for 20-40 minutes, shaking frequently. The higher the heat, the shorter the time (and IMHO, the better the taste).

kelley said...

ooh, i would love to roast them, but the oven's not getting turned on for a few more weeks. no air conditioning.