Sunday, August 12, 2007

keep an eye out for plastic.

no matter how earnestly one may attempt to go through one's daily life without accruing new plastic, one must keep out an eagle eye for those who portion goods out to us. this lesson was reinforced to me twice yesterday: once when i was chatting at the mushroom stand and didn't notice they were out of paper bags (my guard was down! they've always had paper!). the second incident was a little more disturbing to everyone involved, when i ended up kind of yelling at (let's say yelling "to") this nice older gentleman who wanted to give me a sample of soup in a styrofoam cup...long story short, he was bent on giving me a soup sample, i was trying to get him to stop, the whole thing was awkward, and he ended up giving me a soup sample in a plastic cup and THROWING AWAY the styrofoam. twice the unrecyclable mess. we kept the cup.
...then another girl at the deli came along and said we HAD to try the corn chowder - and i'm sorry to say it friends - the people in this place were all so very friendly and sweet, and i freaked them out. you know when your buddy wants you to have another drink at the end of the night, and you know that next drink would have dire consequences, but they keep pressing you, and you have to make an awkward social stand, like "no, pal, under no circumstances should you buy me a drink. i won't have any of it. it would just be a waste," and no one's happy? yeah.
anyway. i would totally recommend this place if they had real/recyclable/reusable serveware and silverware. the food was great!
on to happier things. a game, anyone? which came from the supermarket, and which came from a local farm?
first one to guess correctly gets a virtual pat on the back.

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