Friday, August 3, 2007

i've seen it; it can be done.

we usually have pizza about once a week. if we don't meet friends to eat pizza, sometimes we'll order in or make our own. well, today i felt like pizza, but also like saving money since brian had to eat out for lunch, and did not feel at ALL like heating up a 400 degree+ oven. friends, i would like you to meet stovetop calzones:

mmm. my boss she encouraged me to go home early today due to my late thursday night at the morgan county fair (a food adventure all its own, and i'm sorry i didn't have a camera), so i had time to head to the store, pick up provisions, and throw this dough in the breadmaker. thanks, boss and breadmaker. without you, this meal wouldn't have been possible. walking 6 blocks out of my way to get pizza dough at rockit's in this heat was NOT happening. just got what looked best at the store for filling: local purple peppers, white eggplant, zucchini, and orange cherry tomatoes. also, now that we're out of local food month, i went for some fresh mozzerella and fell back in love with olives. if you want to know the truth, we ended up with a lot more filling than needed for one calzone, which is fine, because i made another for tomorrow's lunches, and the rest will be good over rice or potatoes...but none of the leftovers will have olives, because after clearing the plates i stood over the pan and picked them olives out. olives good. olive-free leftovers

calzone tips: cook vegetables with a lot of moisture before adding to calzone if you don't want a soggy mess on your hands. i went so far as to halve and seed the cherry tomatoes just in case. while at bloomingfoods, i had the chance to pick up the new grower's guide from the local grower's guild. check out page 14: u-pick berries! really! the website is currently non-functional, but here's the information as published: Heskerlew Farm 9015 S. Gore Road Bloomington, IN 47403 812-327-7391 About 10 miles south of town off old 37. call in advance. maybe i'll give them a call tomorrow morning if i wake up at a reasonable time. ha ha. it's a joke, get it? reasonable time. that's a good one.

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