Wednesday, August 1, 2007

hi. how are you? great!

hi blog friends. wow, this is a busy week at work. about 50 things seem to be happening at once. lots of 10-12 hour work days, and i'm staring at my piles of paper, thinking, "yep. i'm coming in this weekend." and this is only wednesday. however, busy translates to successful at this juncture, and good things are happening, so i really can't complain. watch this space for more tips on "what to eat when you're on the go!" for the next few days. lunch: half a blackened tofu sandwich from bloomingfoods dinner: half a blackened tofu sandwich from bloomingfoods okay, that's a bad example. but you have to admit it's efficient. what do i eat tomorrow when i'm working at a county fair during dinner? last year i had funnel cake and regretted it. soft pretzel?

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