Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sustainable takeout

if i remember correctly, i've only made about two meals since last thursday, between going out of town, eating out for our anniversary last night, and tonight's time crunch. "hey! it's local food month! you're supposed to make more food yourself, you know!" that's true. and we'll get back to that shortly. but until then, here are some tips on how to eat out without causing too much pollution and waste. 1. eat at a locally-owned restaurant. they're more likely to use local ingredients, and like food producers, must be more responsive and responsible to local consumers. 2. ask what kind of to-go box is available before it's delivered. if it's styrofoam or plastic, ask if your leftovers can be wrapped in foil. tell your server why, too. (you can bring reusable containers from home, if you're not doing a fancy dinner. i wouldn't suggest you put a plastic tub in your little black clutch, ladies.) 3. bring your own supplies for to-go orders. napkins, silverware, even condiments if they're handy. 4. reuse what you can't avoid. every time i get plasticware, i clean it off and keep it in my trusty travel bag. fork tines suffer, but you can still get several good uses out of them. i've even pulled out my own plasticware at work functions. the styrofoam plate in my office has lasted for months, and is perfectly suited to catching muffin crumbs. 5. keep giving your business to restaurants that are environmentally friendly. tell them you noticed, and that you like it! 6. tell other businesses what they can do to regain your business. write a letter. send an e-mail. tell your friends who's responsive and who isn't. blog about it. speaking of which...we had burritos from *laughing planet tonight. man, what a tasty organic burrito, with local ingredients as possible! if only they didn't serve their salsa in plastic cups within the restaurant. i feel a letter coming on. *the orginal laughing planet is in bloomington, indiana. then the owner opened stores in portland and eugene, oregon. i think he sold the bloomington location, which is why it's not listed on this site, but it's very very similar to what you see there. the pdx nw 21st location used to be a garbonzo's, and that's where brian and i had our first date. awwww. love blooms over falafel. **edit: no impact man has a really great post this morning about not making trash. he makes it seem so easy. could it be that easy?

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