Tuesday, July 3, 2007

get sprouted!

do you sprout? sprouts are a fantastic food to make at home. many have full proteins, and are easier to digest than beans. a few years ago there was an e-coli scare, but your risk is about as high as it is when you eat lettuce, so, take that as you will. i'm not scared of a little alfalfa seed. or mung bean, for that matter. my first attempt at sprouting mungs failed, but i think it's time to try again. i think i just crowded the sprouter, and not enough air got in. mm, fresh mung bean sprout stir-fry. i use a system of two tops like this, that fit over a wide-mouth mason jar. one has a fine mesh top that holds in small seeds like alfalfa, and one has a larger top that allows seed hulls to wash away once sprouting begins. this isn't the specific brand i have, i don't think. the one i got was from the seventh-day adventist grocery in portland. man, do they like their sprouts there. jars and jars of different seeds and beans to work with. now i'm feeling a little homesick for grocery stores (hey, it happens. i used to live in a very rich area for grocery options). however! tomorrow, the newest grocery addition to my current neighborhood, the westside bloomingfoods, is slated to open. whaa-hoo! i don't need any groceries, but maybe we'll stop by anyway! it merits a lot of exclamation points!

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