Friday, July 13, 2007

easy iced coffee

it's hot. you like coffee. here's how to brew some old with just some beans, a mason jar, and your regular, plain-old coffee maker. 1. at night, grind enough beans for 12 "cups." when i say "cups," i mean the 6-ounce cups marked on your coffee maker. 2. add grounds to a quart-sized mason jar. add water for 6 cups. this should just about fill the jar. 3. let sit on the counter overnight. assure your spouse/roommate/lover that this isn't a compost experiment, but a tasty delight. 4. in the morning, put a coffee filter in your coffee maker. pour contents of mason jar into the top, and let it filter into carafe. 5. add 6 cups' worth of water to dilute. less if you feel feisty. or not feisty enough. 6. add ice to your trusty travel mug, pour filtered cold-water extract coffee in, and run out the door. easy, high caffiene, and delicious! it doesn't taste exactly the same as hot-brewed coffee that's iced afterward, but to me, it's better. enjoy!

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