Monday, July 9, 2007

cajun monday

no, we didn't eat cajun for dinner - our neighbor just hosted a cajun music concert in his backyard. a peek out our kitchen window showed a bit of a potluck, people milling about, hot cajun fun in the summertime, etc. i don't love cajun music (indifferent, more like), but i love this neighborhood sometimes. so the other day i mentioned making a peach grunt, with absolutely no explanation. here you go. a grunt is like a cobbler, but its biscuit top is cooked on a stovetop. anything that doesn't require turning on the oven is aces in this house until september, but the grunt didn't turn out so well. my fruit-to-cobbler ratio was way low, and the biscuit part wasn't the peachy delight it should have been. the vanilla-bourbon ice cream was a bit of a bust as well. not sweet enough. we might have the rest with a caramel sauce to compensate. speaking of bourbon: honey and i are taking a short trip to louisville in the near future. any hot tips for travelers? especially food tips for vegetarian-friendly, budget-friendly fare? where should we get a mint julep if we don't want to go to churchhill downs?

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