Monday, July 30, 2007

1/3 whole wheat

in theory, i am in complete support of whole grains. refined bad. whole good. except i don't really care for brown rice. and a good loaf of ciabatta is close to heaven. and whole wheat can be kind of heavy... ...etc. on sunday, i made a compromise and went for two meals with 1/3 whole wheat treats. 1/3 whole waffles with blackberry sauce yum! i really preferred this with a little whole pastry flour for texture and wholesomeness. it felt like i was doing something good for myself by eating it. sometimes waffles, even tasty waffles, can seem like a mistake. not these! 1/3 whole wheat tortillas behold: the black bean, rainbow chard, sweet bell pepper concoction i'll call a "late july fajita stack." yes, i just made that up. yes, i'm a genius. the tortillas may have suffered from letting the dough sit too long unattended, but not from the percentage of whole wheat flour. the whole shebang was flavorful (love those sauteed sweet bell peppers), very local, and healthy, too. extreeeeme! late july fajita stack breakdown: black beans: homemade, from bulk tortillas: homemade, with local wheat flour, bulk white flour, and vegetable shortening rainbow chard, bell peppers, onions, garlic: farmer's market green salsa that drove me to drink: tomatillos, evil jalapeno, garlic: all from farmer's market fried eggs: farmer's market that's a pretty local meal. i have to admit that, nearing the end of local food month, my eye is starting to stray toward foreign cheeses. what's your favorite food extravagance?


dlfbelgium said...

I, too, discovered that 100% whole wheat flour isn't always ideal.

For some reason (I don't know why) the 100% spelt flour, that I can also get locally is a lot lighter. Now I often mix whole wheat and spelt flours for cookies, bread, cakes, etc.

kelley said...

my brother likes spelt for his baking, too. i should get some and do some experimenting, especially with my new (to me) breadmaker.