Saturday, June 30, 2007

a perfect day for banana peppers

local food month is nearly upon us, and it's caught me with an empty pantry! eek! better get cracking on the grocery front pretty soon. i seemed to be too late for eggs or berries at the farmer's market this morning, but was able to procure: peaches mushrooms mushroom patties tomatoes kerr's pink potaotoes fresh goat cheese baby crookneck squash AND banana peppers i already have an idea up my sleeve for the little squashes, courtesy of lolo over at veganyumyum. mmm, basalmic glaze. but what the heck do i do with banana peppers? they were totally an impulse score. my 3 minutes of googling tell me you can stuff them, or pickle them to make pepperoncinis. great. and all the recipes i found use sausage. huh. well, i've never been too shy about experimenting, but if you're bursting at the seams with great recipes for banana peppers, let's hear them! also, for those in the area, i'd love to hear any tips you might have for u-pick berries. i know they're out there, but where? i don't get out of bloomington too often, but would love to do so in order to score a lot of berries for a good price. anywhere between indianapolis and french lick would be fantastic, but within monroe county would be even better. thanks, pals!

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