Monday, June 11, 2007

now we know they work.

i was just sitting down to my special blog time, without much knowing what i was going to blog about, when my dear husband called from the other room. it's garbage/recycling night, and he was doing his trash-gathering thing, including the removal of our very first biobag. (yes, we have chores divided up very much along traditional gender roles. he takes out the trash. i do the laundry. we're okay with it.) fortunately or unfortunately, the biobag was already partially disintegrated inside the trash can. we had to double-bag. now, that's a troubling thought: we either have to double bag, or take the trash out twice as often. if the bag is disintegrating before a week is out, the raccoons are just going to have a field day with what they knock over. we only put the garbage out for pickup every 3 weeks or so. hm. well, it's better than plastic entombing our garbage forevermore. biobags are still pretty cool in my book. just be forewarned. now that the oven is back in action, i've been trying out a few new things i've seen on the internets in the meantime. case in point: oreo-esque cookies from smitten kitchen.

note the spot where a "trial" cookie came from. sometimes a girl can't wait to perform a quality check.


there are really no beauty shots of these, because i wasn't really paying much attention to aesthetics while frosting. it was halftime of the cavs-spurs game, and i had heavy thoughts hanging over my head. then i ate cookies, and life was a little better!

these didn't add up to my ideal due to a pre-heating snafu, but, heck. they taste good. actually, i might go have one right now. maybe. i. will.

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