Thursday, June 7, 2007

low impact week day seven: somewhat bummed.

okay, this has nothing to do with low impact week, but the cleveland cavaliers just lost. that's all right. they'll get the next one. but i'm still a little bummed. tonight we went to our favorite pizza place for dinner. they normally serve their salads with a side of dressing in a little lidded plastic cup, which just won't do when you're shooting for NO NEW PLASTIC. i was all ready to explain that a little dollop of dressing on top would be fine, because i'm trying not to use plastic, sorry to bother you, all this business. i really was. then, after we sat down, the waiter swung by to make a confession. "i have to tell you. it's my last day, and i'm hammered." and he was. then he tried to figure out which one of us gets diet coke (neither) (we're regulars.) he remembered our salad orders, though. "one ranch, one blue cheese?" "yep!" after your waiter confesses to being drunk, you just don't make him go out of his way for any reason. you just hope he remembers to bring you your pizza, and with the correct toppings. you don't make a fuss out of how your dressing is served. i asked for a cardboard box, specifically, for the leftovers, and he brought two styrofoam boxes. "oh, sorry, i'm a hippie, i need cardboard," i self-depreciated. "i'll just leave one here," drunk waiter said. that's nice. split the middle. a minute later, he delivered cardboard. good luck in chicago, drunk waiter!

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