Tuesday, June 5, 2007

low impact week day five: progress.

no new plastic today. whew. that meant not getting as many items as we needed at the store, which just translates into another lunchtime walk tomorrow. unless it's pouring. tomorrow i also have to make an unpleasant trip to a local bakery to complain to a manager about the day-old loaf that was sold to me at the market today. $2.50 for a day-old baguette? no thanks! and if they tell me it's not a day old, they'll just be telling me their bread is worse than i thought. so i thought it would be good with some fresh tomatoes. the tomatoes were great. also got some yellow cauliflower. wish i could remember what word the farmer used to describe it. he was very proud of himself for disseminating the word, too. "it means they stay the same color when you cook 'em!" tuesday afternoon farmer's market is a much smaller affair than the saturday market, but i appreciate it. got a beautiful quart of strawberries. the strawberries have been out for a few weeks, so they ought to be gone soon. goodbye strawberries. i ate you while i could. you were tasty. we're using our first biobag for kitchen trash, which gives me vague and troubled warm fuzzies. so, is plastic made from corn any better than plastic made from anything else? who cares if it theoretically can be composted if i'm using it for my non-compostable trash? does anything decompose anymore? now i'm off to have a little positive impact on my poor husband, who's been weathering my crazy moods ever since i got off work. work's a little crazy. did i mention that? it makes me a little crazy in return.

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