Wednesday, June 27, 2007

easy does it.

o, sweet siren song of convenience foods! i've fallen prey to your cursed lure. last night, with "nothing" in the house for dinner, i took a swing by the old sahara mart to pick up a few fixings to make up a nice tomato salad (tomatoes we had - thanks tuesday market!). boca chicken patties were on sale. mmm, fake chicken patties. a girl, after another 10-hour workday, will sometimes succomb to convenience foods lately abandoned. yes, they're encased in plastic. yes, they have food ingredients not found in nature. oh, well.
when i was a kid (before the age of 19 or 20, when i went vegetarian), my parents used to get chicken patties from costco and i would eat those suckers UP. with barbeque sauce. tonight i slathered a little barbeque sauce on and took a tasty, vegetarian, trip down memory lane.
potatoes are really starting to come back out. last weekend at the market, i found a potato vendor who just beamed with pride at his tubers. when i asked which of two varieties would be best for pan-frying, our favorite potato preparation, he said either one, so i chose the pink. the farmer himself said he preferred them "just steamed," but that seems like crazy talk to me. bring on the fat and the crispy brown bits!
had no idea they'd be pink in the middle, too. there's a lot to learn in the world of potatoes.

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