Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What would Al Gore do?

click post title for link. what's one big thing we can do to reduce greenhouse emissions? buy local. this summer, that's what I'll concentrate on. okay, we'll still have our locally-roasted coffee which has to be shipped long distances, but NO South American fruit. none from California, either, if we can help it (unless we're in Oregon). i'll try to stick with southern indiana first, then, if that fails, the great lakes states for food sources. any bloomingtonians know where i can buy local cream? maybe amish? i want to start making my own ice cream and butter. you might have noticed, on the little blurb to the right there, that i'm trying to feed my family sustainably, sure, but also "on a budget." that doesn't just mean that i'm doing my best not to buy asparagus out of season - we have a real, live, kicking budget with a set line item of $70/week for groceries. that's all our food, non-alcoholic drink, and household goods. every week, i alternate taking $80 or $60 out of the bank, and that's it for the week. guess how much i have left until friday? $0. oh crap. this is the way of the budget. last week was an $80 week, but with houseguests, it went fast. all right, confession: $20 of the non-alchoholic budget went to booze. we have to be gracious hosts, after all. so, after two weeks of buying on $60, things are tight. we're set for breakfasts. husband will only be here for one more dinner this week because he's working (and eating on a different line item while on the road). my dinners will be long on the cheap starches this week - such is the way of the budget. $70 a week is hard, so in may, i added a little on top to spend at the bloomingfoods truck sale. a girl's got to stock up when she can! the budget can be a cruel mistress, but we still love her. she seems restrictive, but really, grants us more freedom. we don't spend as much, and when we do spend, it's with a clear conscience.

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John said...

I know a dairy farmer in Michigan, but that probably won't help you very much.

Hillsboro Farmer's Market opens up this weekend, which makes us happy.

I won't comment on what Gore would do, because I'm trying to be nice :-)