Thursday, April 12, 2007

who wants sprouts?

sprouts these are the garlic-toasted brussels sprouts from vegan with a vengeance. sorry to say i didn't love them. after a little googling about their sulphurous compounds, i found a site that said brussels sprouts should be a little larger than olives. wow. really? they get that small? these were not that small, though i imagine the recipe would have worked a lot better if they had been. as it was, after eating a few, i popped the rest back in the oven for another 10 minutes. that's a long time, considering the original cooking time was about 15. kelley's tip of the day: when foisting new vegetables on your family, don't say anything until after the meal. then, you can ask, "did you like the kale/brussels sprouts/etc.?" and the new produce is judged only on what it just tasted like. this may only work with my husband, but, heck. try it out! non-cobb salad non-cobb salad. told you it was substantial!

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