Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Blog: littleanecdote

As you may have guessed from the lack of posts for the last two years, I've moved on from the Almost Sustainable Kitchen.  I didn't have much time to cook, and living in Portland makes blogging about sustainability seem almost redundant.  We have composting in our office.  I don't have much to say about it anymore.

However, I missed blogging, so I made a brand new shiny roller derby blog called little anecdote.  You can also follow me @littleanecdote because I still like me some food.
Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New kitchens

After a year of living in a one-bedroom apartment and two summers of direct sun with no air flow, my sweetie and I are moving next weekend.  Into a free-standing structure with a yard and everything!  Pre-loaded with a friend and her dog!  We're excited.  And probably not cooking too much this week.

One huge and unexpected downside to our current apartment is that we don't have a freezer: we have a freezer compartment.  It keeps frozen things frozen for a while.  It makes ice cubes slowly.  That's about it.  Ice cream has not been on the menu for about a year.  In short, it sucks. 

I've been proposing an ice cream social once we've moved in to our new place, and David Lebovitz's blog gave me some inspiration.  We are totally having bourbon coke floats.

What would you have with your bourbon coke float?  Vanilla?  Caramel?

Now that we're getting a freezer, I can even MAKE ice cream again!  How about vanilla-bourbon?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fry it; you'll like it.

Lately, the Portland Soup Company cart has had this baby arugula salad with sundried tomatoes, parmesean, fried rosemary, and a basalmic vinegrette.  And I don't even like rosemary, but for some reason, that fried rosemary really makes that salad something special.  Fried rosemary.  Who knew?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fast, easy summer dinner.

This can be prepared in ten minutes without practiced choreography.  It helps if your greens are already clean and dry.  You'll hit all your major food groups and macronutrients - not bad if you're like us, and just making enough time to eat (and watch an episode of Arrested Development) before you're on to the next thing. 

1. Wash and dry a bunch of arugula.
2. Heat a pan for eggs
3. Halve some cherry tomatoes
4. Toast up some bread.
5. Fry up some eggs. 
6. Assemble: Toast points (or triangle, if you will), arugula, tomatoes, and an egg or two.
7. Eat.
8. Go about your post-dinner business.

Sometimes simple is best.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leftover love

1. Go to farmer's market at lunch. Buy tomatoes and zucchini.
2. Reduce some basalmic vinegar by half
3. Saute zucchini until tender
4. Add basalmic glaze
5. Cook down a little more, then add halved cherry tomatoes to heat through
6. Don't eat it all in one sitting
7. (Go to sleep. Wake up. Go to work. Come home.)
8. Make a fake chicken sandwich with melted provolone.
9. Put some of this good stuff over the top.
10. Eat chips/salad. Drink beer/water. Enjoy the savory-sweet basalmic goodness.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's try this again

You guys missed so much food while I wasn't blogging! Sorry about that. Life is for the living, and this girl's been a little busy. Or, maybe just...kind of standing around.

But I've kept thinking that life is just too good not to share with you all. I mean, I had a tomato basil galette with a ciabatta roll for lunch, and we're having Two Tarts cookies for a treat in a few minutes. And that's just one day. Yesterday, I was wondering whether to have spicy tofu tacos or a salad, and I got to have BOTH. I mean, People! Come ON!

If I keep up this blog, though, it's going to be about more than food and sustainability. Let's face it: it's being done. But that will still be the focus.

Nice to see you again.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


did you notice that i haven't posted for a while? sorry! things have gotten busy, and the blog has slipped down the list of priorities. tonight i cooked for the first time in days, and we had grilled cheese and tomato soup. yep. it's like that. the blog is offically going on haitus. this weekend is the first farmer's market, so i might be stirred to post. we'll see. enjoy some of my earlier posts.
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